Mountain Nyiragongo Volcano Hiking in Congo


    Mountain Nyiragongo is one of the popular active Volcanoes in Africa and it’s located in Democratic Republic of Congo in the Central part of Africa, Democratic Republic of Congo is bordering is bordering Uganda, Rwanda, Burundi and Tanzania in the East, Central African Republic and South Sudan in the South, Congo Brazzaville in the West, Angola and Zambia in the South.

    It is characterized with tropical rain forest, Savannah grasslands and Woodlands, bamboo forests and Swampy areas where different touristic features which include animals, primates and species reside.

    Wild animals in Democratic Republic of Congo include Elephants, Buffaloes, Lions, Leopards, Okapi and more, primates include Chimpanzees but rarely seen, Vervets, Black & White Colobus Monkeys, Red tailed Monkeys, Blue Monkeys and baboons, Apes include Mountain Gorillas and Lowland Gorillas, insects include Butter flies, tsetse flies and more plus Reptiles which include Snakes like Python, Black Cobra, Gabon Viper and more.

    Democratic Republic of Congo has its two main National parks to visit which include Virunga National Park and Kahuzi Biega National Park inclusive of the Virunga Massif, this famous active Volcano is found in Virunga National Park.

    Most Visitors to Democratic Republic of Congo either go for mountain gorilla trekking tours in Virunga National Park or do the Nyiragongo Volcano hiking, Mountain Nyiragongo Volcano hiking in Democratic Republic of Congo usually takes a period of two consecutive days.

    Day one is for starting a journey from Kibati starting point usually in the morning at 10:00am after some briefing about the journey by the officials, on this journey you are assigned a guide to lead you through the journey plus armed officers to protect you on the way, when you start in the morning at the above stated time you will be at the top in the evening at about 4:00pm.

    This journey is exciting but not somehow easy so it requires you to be physically fit for successful hiking, this mountain Nyiragongo hiking requires you to pay a fee of $300 USD per person who is to take a hike, since this journey is hilly do not forget to hire a walking stick with Virunga foundation at a cost of $5 USD.

    Mikeno package is also a requirement for this journey and it consists of food to be cooked while at the top, water for drinking, wearing gears like waterproof jackets, chef and more, this Mikeno package costs $80 USD plus $20 USD for transportation from Mikeno Lodge up to the starting point in Kibati totaling up to $100 USD.

    Porters are available to carry your luggage from the starting point up to the top at a cost of $24 USD per porter, when you reach at the top of the Volcano well established and reserved shelters are available for you to rest a bit after a long journey of hiking, chef provided on the Mikeno package is supposed to cook food for supper since a night is spent at the top.

    The reason for spending a night at the top is to sight the night view of burning lava of this active Volcano and you are free to take a lot of photos for memories.

    After the great night experience at the top, day two is for descending back from the top of the Volcano back to the starting point in Kibati, but to remind you on successful hiking do not forget to bring yourself strong hiking shoes, long sleeved shirts and trouser plus water proof Jackets.


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