Luxury Gorilla Safari in DR Congo

Luxury Gorilla Safaris

Enjoy luxury gorilla safaris organized by the best tour agencies in Africa for the most memorable safaris.

For a gorilla trekker to attain a fantastic gorilla safari in Congo, it mostly depends on which tour agency you chose to organize for your safari and in that case, you are emphasized always to opt for better tour agencies for magnificent safaris and memorable escapades.

Any of the above-mentioned tour agencies will organize for every sort of safari you will want thoroughly well, let it be budget, mid-range or luxury. For a luxury gorilla safari, the above tour agencies will provide every necessity for your safari to be one to remember.

You will be provided with good quality luxury vehicles such as; extended land cruiser with pop-up roofs, VX, V8, and Safari Land cruisers with pop-up roofs depending on which one you will want to choose and use for your gorilla safari in Democratic Republic of Congo.

The agency will also provide you with an experienced driver-guide if at all you need one and this driver-guide will be able to drive you safely as well as narrating interesting stories to you about the Democratic Republic of Congo.

The prices for your desired vehicle will be told to you by your tour agency that you will have contacted.

Besides the 4×4 luxury safari vehicles, private charter flights can be arranged to cut out on the long distances of travel.

Any of the above agencies has a professional tours guide whom you will be talking to via email, and from there he/she will be answering all your questions immediately.

If you choose to book with fantastic tour agencies think about the Eco Tours Congo for best moments you will ever experience. Expect also to tour the country with one of the best safari guides (driver-guides) in the respective tourism industries.

These guides frequently speak English and are so friendly to guests and above all that they know how best to handle the guests since they know that the guests are the bosses!!

Besides the exceptional services provided by the above tour agencies, they (tour agencies) also have unbeatable prices! Accommodation is top notch with remarkable service.

The agencies will book your stay in some of the most luxurious and best gorilla safari lodges in Virunga National Park and Kahuzi-Biega National Park.

Some of the best luxury accommodations in Virunga include; Mikeno lodge and Bukima tented camp, well as in Kahuzi-Biega there is Orchids’ safari club, among others.

Virunga is the only habitat for the rare endangered mountain gorillas in Congo and the whole of Central Africa, and one of the only four national parks in the world to protect those rare primates, others being Bwindi impenetrable forests national park & Mgahinga national park in south-western Uganda and Volcanoes national park in the north-western Rwanda.

Kahuzi-Biega is however known for protecting the eastern lowland gorillas, thus Congo being a perfect destination for all gorilla lovers.

A gorilla permit in Congo is much cheaper than that of Uganda and Rwanda. Congo gorilla permit costs US$ 400, more affordable than that of Uganda which costs US$ 600 and for Rwanda which also costs US$ 1500.

Your chosen tour agency will be the one to also purchase the gorilla permit on your behalf after you sending some deposit to the agency for clear confirmation.

The permit will be given to you after you arriving in Congo and clearing all the entire safari’s fees.

After all that, clearing your fees and grabbing yourself a gorilla permit, you will then be given your luxury vehicle to enjoy this fantastic gorilla trekking activity.

The luxury gorilla trekking experience offers a superb experience with gorillas and the activity is most enjoyable during the dry seasons and thus it is very advisable for you to book your gorilla safari in the dry months of May to October and then December.

However, due to the daily changing weathers and climate, rains may abruptly fall at any time and that is why the luxury gorilla safari is more enjoyable than the ordinary gorilla safari because with the ordinary gorilla safari you will have one specific day of trekking the gorillas and suddenly if the rains fall on that particular day, you will not really enjoy your gorilla safari to the fullest unlike with the luxury gorilla safari where your following days of trekking the gorillas will compensate for the previous bad days.

It is to be noted that the gorillas share almost the same DNA with humans and therefore as humans hide when it rains, the gorillas also do the same when it rains and thus if you are on an ordinary gorilla safari of one day, you will really get disappointed when it rains.

Therefore, gorilla trekkers are always advised to try this magnificent luxury gorilla trekking safari in Congo since the gorilla permits are even purchased at lowered prices as compared to the other gorilla trekking countries where you will spend a lot of money in purchasing the gorilla permits only.

For the case of Congo, the cheaper gorilla permits will offer you an opportunity to experience this affordable luxury gorilla safari since you will save money for other necessities of a luxury safari.


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