Gorilla Families

Visit Virunga National Park and there is several gorilla families that you can visit on your gorilla trekking safaris and you can either for single/double or triple gorilla tours in Congo. The gorilla permit in Congo is so cheap $ 400 USD compared to other places like Bwindi Forest National Park and Mgahinga Gorilla National Park, Uganda where a permit cost $ 600 USD and Rwanda, Volcanoes National Park a permit cost $ 1500 USD.

Kabirizi Family

This family is composed of 34 Gorillas including 2 Silver backs. The group is found in Bukima sector which is close to Goma and the group is led by Kabirizi Silver back. Read More

Humba Family

This group is led by Humba silver back and is also found in Bukima sector of the Park close to Goma. It is composed of 16 Gorillas including 2 Silver backs. This is so far the calmest habituated Gorilla group and many tourists and ranger like to track it. Read More

Rugendo Family

This group has six individuals of gorillas including three Silver backs. It is led by Rugendo the father of Humba. It was habituated in 1989 and by 1997 the group had 18 individuals with two Silver backs (Rugendo and his son Humba). Read More

Mapuwa Family

This group is composed of 15 individuals of gorillas with 1 silver back and is found in Jomba near Bunagana (Congo-Uganda border). The group is led by a silver back named Mapuwa and has acquired and protected his family by all means even in violent struggle. Read More

Lulengo Family

The group has 6 gorillas and 1 silver back. It is led by Lulengo himself and is found in Jomba near Bunagana (Congo-Uganda border). Lulengo was born into the Rugabo Family which was the first mountain gorilla family in the Mikeno Sector to be habituated. Read More

Munyaga Family

This group is located in Bukima close to Goma and has 7 gorillas with 2 silver backs. It was the last Gorilla group to be found by rangers in 2008. The family was led by Munyaga by then the Silver back and the dominant adult female is named Bilali. Read More