Visit Virunga for Gorilla Trek Holidays


Tracking gorillas is an extraordinary experience worthy to be taken because of the existence of the primates in Virunga National Park.

These apes are charming, friendly and smart to be amongst. They are sub-divided into relational groups and carry different attributes like say the silver backs that act as the leaders, the fully developed female gorillas as the caretakers and the youthful who are only mischievous and are at all times within the trees.

Virunga National Park is habitat to about 200 of gorillas that live mostly in the southern side of the park.

The Congolese National Park Authorities, together with the Institute Congolais pour la Conservation de la Nature (ICCN) and its associate the Africa Conservation Fund manage the National Park.

With a decline in numbers due to brutal attacks in which at least 10 apes were murdered close to seven years ago, the gorilla inhabitants have somewhat recovered.

The populace is now more stable largely because of the courageous efforts of the rangers who risk their lives in the park.

Keep the eyes wide open throughout the different excursions you will complete from and about the park and also while here get to spot an array of monkeys together with feathered friends that have made Virunga National Park a home.

The guide at the park will take you through a brief preamble before heading into the forest for the awaited trek.

He will cover the geography, history and some of the truths about the gorilla family you will be seeing.

The tour guide shall also offer you guidance on ways to conduct yourself when you are with the gorillas in the forest.

Masks are to be put on to avoid these gorillas from getting any kind of human illness. The length of this trek is determined by the position of the gorillas.

On some days it can be 20-40 minute hike from the way into the forest while on others it can take more than an hour’s walk to get to the Mountain gorillas since they are always on the go in the search of food.

Be sure to meet the gigantic chap silver back that will welcome you after it makes sure you are not a danger.

After you are accepted, spend a thrilling time watching the gorillas which is truthfully a once in a life span experience.

Remember you are given an hour in the forest with these mountains gorillas and the time spent while on your gorilla trekking tour varies and depends on the assemblage that is tracking, the common location of the gorilla family, the topography and weather to mention but a few.

Tracking can take as little as an hour or can even go on longer till 5 hours. While on the hike all the way through the forest, it is recommended that you tag along the leadership of your tour guide.

As you ascend onto the precipitous slopes of the volcanoes and into the jungle, you will need to tow yourself up the sharp paths by holding onto branches, plant roots, bushes, and many others. An on foot stick can also be handy.

You are likely to get dehydrated so be sure to take a sufficient amount of water. The trek in to the forest can be exhausting but the meeting with these apes is worth every endeavour.


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