How to Plan a Congo Gorilla Tour?


Common in all three countries that offer gorilla tracking, a permit should be purchased in advance.

Uganda and Rwanda have a number of tour companies unlike the Democratic Republic of Congo which is limited in this area.

It is much better if you could directly book your Congo gorilla safaris permit through the best company Nature Adventure Africa Safaris.

A permit goes for US$400, a fee low priced than that of the other two countries. Mountain gorillas can be visited anytime of the year though some paths become hard to navigate during the wet seasons of May to October and during low season a permit goes at $ 200 USD.

A yellow fever vaccination is needed because you won’t be allowed into the country minus proof of the inoculation.

Hepatitis A, typhoid, meningitis and rabies injections not forgetting the anti-malarial are also recommended.

An application for a visa required to enter the DRC should have been submitted in advance. This costs US$100.

The exact gear needed while in the jungle needs to be prepared. The trek can be strenuous and equipment like the strong trekking shoes, woolly and or the moisture-impermeable socks, comfy mountaineering clothes, rainwater gear, a primary support kit and a light weight backpack with plenty of room for food and drink.

A waterproof camera is also very much suggested as nothing wrecks a high-quality camera like the tropical forest’s heavy shower.

Nyiragongo Hike

Accessing Nyiragongo

Mount Nyiragongo is located approximately an hour outside of Goma in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Goma shares a border with Gisenyi, a lakeside town in Rwanda. Many tourists to the region fly into Kigali spending several days in Rwanda’s capital city or gorilla trekking in Volcanoes National Park before driving to Gisenyi.

It is possible to spend the night in either Gisenyi or Goma prior to hiking Nyiragongo though Gisenyi is a bit more idyllic and quiet.


The hiking of mountain Nyiragongo should be a prolonged tour after your gorilla trekking in Virunga national park or even Volcanoes national park in Rwanda.

The hiking of Mount Nyiragongo is led by park rangers and private trips are impossible to arrange unless with certain circumstances.

Booking this adventure through a tour company isn’t really necessary unless it would make you more comfortable to do so and would be part of an extended vacation package.


Though the morning portion of the hike might be warm, it is almost guaranteed that evenings on Mount Nyiragongo will be frigid.

Even if you’re renting gear from the park service it is advisable for you to bring extra cold weather layers (including hats, scarves and gloves) to fend off the howling winds and low temperatures.

Make sure to also pack additional snacks as well as an excellent camera. No need to bring tents, as permanent cabins dot the rim of the volcano.

Porters are available at the base of the hike and they can be hired to carry hiking packs up the mountain.

Mental preparedness

This hike is very hard. It begins at a steady pace through a shaded forest before hitting treacherous paths filled with slippery lava rocks.

It can take between four and seven hours depending on the abilities of your group and the last 40 minutes feature an exceptionally steep incline.

Unfortunately, it’s rare for 100% of the hiking group to make it to the summit. This trip definitely requires trekkers in good physical shape as well as those of serious mental toughness.

Start the hike confident and you’ll do just fine. Therefore, you can book your gorilla trekking tour in Congo with the us and you can prolong your tour to Rwanda or Uganda.


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