Gorilla Tours in Rwanda and DR Congo


Volcanoes National Park is found in North-west of Rwanda and it is a two and half hour drive from Kigali (capital city).

The gorilla safari in Rwanda is the most luxury experience in the whole world due to the fact that Rwanda has increased it on the levy given back to the communities leaving near and far the park.

It is more easy to access the county due to the direct flight (Rwanda Air Flights) which transfer you direct from UK to Kigali international airport in Rwanda.

And from Kigali international airport to Volcanoes National Park’s headquarters the road is in a good condition and it is a clean and tarmac road therefore accessing the Park is easy whether rainy or dry season.

The Park has 12 habituated gorilla families and a gorilla permit in Rwanda costs US$ 1500 however it can be discounted on certain conditions.

A gorilla permit in Rwanda can be discounted when someone is to visit Rwanda in either two or all the three national Parks of Rwanda whereby you will be asked to pay US$ 1275 instead of US$ 1500 and also a discount can still be granted to you if you are to held a conference in Rwanda there you can also use a chance of booking a gorilla safari tour because you will be given a big discount of US$ 450 and you will only need to pay US$ 1050.

Everything in Volcanoes National Park is just luxury including its lodges which include Bisate Lodge, Virunga Lodge, Mountain Gorilla View Lodge, Singita Kwitonda Lodge, Five Volcanoes Boutique Hotel among others.

Gorilla tracking in Virunga national park, D.R Congo

The Park is among the few ones which protect the lives of the endangered Mountain gorillas and it was the first ever African national park to be gazetted (in 1925).

A gorilla permit in Congo costs US$ 400 however during the low seasons of April to May and mid October to mid November the permit is cut to US$ 200 therefore a gorilla permit costs cheaper compared to the one in the other two countries (Rwanda and Uganda).

The Park is also known for protecting an exceptional wildlife and bird species. Other animals include giraffes, buffaloes, elephants, Black fronted duiker and many others.

A two days hiking of Nyiragongo Mountain is another challenging but interesting thing which a gorilla trekker in Virunga should not miss out plus a visit to one of Africa’s great lakes (Lake Kivu) where you will enjoy and discover many things done from the Lake which include methane extraction and you also know when does the Lake undergo Limnic eruption.

From the Lake you will view aquatic birds and through the boat cruises you will come to see aquatic animals such as hippos and crocodiles plus seeing the fish species caught from the Lake including the Nile tilapia.

Rules and regulations to follow during and before tracking

In all the four national parks in Africa there are some rules and regulation being put to guide and inform gorilla trekkers which and they include;

Only individuals above 15 years of age and those who are physically fit are allowed to go for tracking.

If you are sick, you are not encouraged to go for gorilla tracking because gorillas catch human diseases.

Gorilla tracking begins at 08:30am and while tracking you should spend only one hour with the gorillas.

View the primates while keeping a distance of at least 7 to 8 meters from where they are in order to prevent and avoid easy spread of diseases from humans to the primates and also for your safety since the primates are wild though habituated.

For easing yourself, you will be allowed to dig a hole of at least 25cm away from the gorillas and after easing yourself you are emphasized to bury it thoroughly well.

Flashlight cameras are prohibited in all the Parks.

Maximum silence is too much emphasized during the tracking and you should always stay calm.

Do not mimic the primates because you might not know what you will be talking to them.

Do not smoke or eat from the Park

Do not litter in the Park

NB: Advance booking is always essential for the proper planning of your gorilla trekking tour in any of the four Parks.


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