DR Congo Gorilla Trekking Permits


Welcome to Democratic Republic of Congo, one of the three countries in Africa that protect the rare endangered species of Gorillas.

It protects them in its park called Virunga National Park (Africa’s oldest Park gazetted in1925). The other two countries keeping these endangered primates are Uganda and Rwanda.

Congo’s gorilla permit is the cheapest of the three countries thus offering an affordable Congo gorilla safari to the gorilla trekkers who will wish to take a gorilla safari in Virunga National Park in D.R Congo.

A gorilla permit in Democratic Republic of Congo costs US$ 400 a lower price compared to that of Uganda which costs US$ 600 and for Rwanda which costs US$ 1500.

A gorilla permit in Congo is further discounted during the low seasons of April to May and mid October to mid-November where you will need to pay US$ 200 for Congo’s gorilla permit.

Therefore, choose a reliable and best tour company like the Nature Adventure Africa Safari Limited which will do all your trip’s bookings including the purchase for your affordable gorilla permit together with the Congolese visa such that on your final day of visiting the rare endangered Mountain gorillas in Virunga national park becomes easier without disturbances in purchasing a gorilla permit and other stuffs.

Therefore, you need to consult a best and reliable tour company such as the Nature Adventure Africa Safari Limited for accurate and quick services which is the best in primate and wildlife tours all over Africa and next to no other.

An affordable Congo gorilla permit will provide you a chance of enjoying the beauty of Africa and Democratic Republic of Congo because in the Park you will not only see the endangered Mountain gorillas but you will also see other creatures in the Park such as bush bucks, spotted hyenas, buffaloes, black fronted duikers, elephants plus a variety of bird species which are almost 200 bird species.

You will also enjoy the impressive sight to the Nyiragongo volcano which is also close to the Park but it will be even more rewarding if you give it a hike and enjoy the hiking.

At the summit of Nyiragongo volcano you will be surprised and impressed when you see the magma which exists there of which you will first think that what you are seeing is totally false yet it will be true.

The magma at the summit of Nyiragongo will appear like a Lake has caught fire and it’s burning which really looks amazing and leaves you speechless.

However, it is noticed that it is only in Democratic Republic of Congo where the gorilla permits are reduced and sold at a discounted price during the low seasons a thing which Uganda also did sometimes back when they were competing with Rwanda but as soon as Rwanda’s gorilla permit increased from US$ 750 to US$ 1500, Uganda’s gorilla permit remained stable in whatever season (whether high or low seasons).

Before Uganda’s gorilla permit was given on a discounted price during the low seasons of April to May and November where gorilla trekkers are inadequate, there a gorilla permit was given out with a discount of US$ 150 where you had to only pay US$ 450 instead of the usual price US$ 600 which is always paid on normal and high seasons but now the price is stable throughout the year.

This no longer exists in Uganda well as though Rwanda has also issued discounts on its gorilla permits but it is given in low seasons and when you visit at least two parks in Rwanda to be included on your tour to Volcanoes National Park where gorillas are tracked in Rwanda where you will be given a discount of US$ 450 and you will then need to pay US$ 1050.

In Rwanda gorilla permits can be reduced when you are to have a conference and seminars to be held in Kigali, Rwanda of which you will be given a discount of US$ 225 and will be asked to pay US$ 1275 instead of paying the usual price (US$ 1500) however it is still cheaper in Democratic Republic of Congo.


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